The studio is based in old school tradition, but doesn't lack in modern amenities. The Tank features a great selection of new, vintage and custom built analog outboard with a wide choice of microphones. The studio is a cumulation of Mark Plancke's 25 year vision of what a studio should be; easy to use, comfortable with a great sound. The studios live room contributes a large sonic signature with it's elevated 14 foot ceilings and hardwood floors. Great for rock, blues, jazz and acoustic music, large enough to accommodate a five piece band for live tracking.

All the vibe is captured to high resolution digital or analog tape. Digital capture is through Apogee converters into a Avid Pro Tools HD system with plenty of plugins. Analog capture is to a classic MCI JH-24 2-inch 24 track master recorder running at 15 or 30ips along with a Ampex ATR100 1/4-inch stereo mix down deck. 

Microphones are the life blood of a great recording and we have a lot to choose from. Vintage AKG, Neumann's and custom built classics that we assemble on site. We can put up one of our large diaphram tube or FET microphones in front of your guitar amp or, a pair of Coles 4038 ribbon microphones over the drum kit. A three microphone drum recording with U87's and an AKG D20 that will pop out of your speakers. Tasty.

We've got plenty of instruments as well, our Hammond B2/122 Leslie combination can kick out some greasy blues licks or old school gosphel sounds. A Wurlitzer 200 more your style, we've got that covered too. Our house drum kits include a vintage Rodgers and more modern DW Custom shells, along with a large selection of snare drums. A vintage Martin D35 acoustic along with a Gibson Les Paul and Schecter Stratocaster round out our stringed instrument selection.

Of course Mark is here to guide you through your project and to make your recording experience second to none. There's no better way to a great sounding recording than to set up good microphones in front of a great band in a large tracking room and pressing record.  

In short, we've got everything you need to make a great sounding album, all maintained and sounding incredible.


There's an art to mixing and it doesn't come easy, Mark has hard earned knowledge which he can bring to your recording. Mark has been mixing high profile releases for well over 25 years. We have rates for the major release and reduced rates for Indie artists. Contact us today to secure a spot.